Monday, January 7, 2013

To Go Beyond Religion...

                        Lincoln Brewster and Darlene Zschech

Beautiful Song! Here are some of the words that really touched my heart:

"I will live to carry your COMPASSION.  To love a world that's been broken.  To be Your hands and feet - by the Power of Your Name!

Surely life wasn't made to regret. And the lost were not made to forget. Surely faith without action is dead. Lord break this heart.

 Jesus your name is a shelter for the hurting, Your name - a refuge for the weak.

 Only your name can take the undeserving.

Your name holds EVERYTHING that I need.

and I will GIVE with the life that I've been GIVEN, I will give and go BEYOND RELIGION  - to see this world be changed -  by the power of Your name!"

Thank you Lord for this moving song! I feel Your love touching me in my soul through these words. Thank you for the beautiful voices that you give us to move us closer in love with You!


Its this going beyond religion that really struck me. Only REAL love in God produces this. Everything else is most likely done for selfish reasons - more like a way to protect you or a ritual or a rite to make your life better. It is only Gods unconditional love - that once received can change our selfish hearts and make them beat with the same love that moves God himself.