Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fear of the Inevitable

Ever have a fear of the inevitable? It's like death - you know it's going to happen - you just don't know when. 

Well I have another fear kind of like that. For months and months I wondered and worried slightly what would happen when the transmission failed on my white van that I drive for my job with Ontrac. Well God got me through that fear:

Yesterday my transmission broke on my white Ford van. God worked it out for me to be able to only have to spend half the price on a rental van and half the price to fix the transmission and with payments that can be paid over the next two months instead of all at once! You won't believe how much that helped me. Gods grace everywhere I turned.

In all of that I did my best to do what I could - but I couldn't of got by without the help from my boss for getting the van and finding an amazing rental rate. Also from my mechanic for cutting the price in half and ultimately from God for creating mercy and kindness in the first place.

 I would have been hit with a lot of expense on both sides - way more than I could have afforded. It's an important lesson that you can't do everything yourself. A team is needed and really, God is needed. Because everything good comes from God. So even the little or big things your friends and family do for you is a form of Gods love. But this love cannot be controlled by us.

That's why God wants us to trust him like a kid trusts his parents. As a child you know you can't take care of all the things your parents do for you. You don't even know all the things your parents do so that you can grow up properly! Yet parents don't care if you know what they do, they just want you to trust them and listen to them.

That's why Jesus says in the Bible 'that unless you become like a little child, you will not enter Gods kingdom.' (My paraphrase). Why? Because God knows we can't possibly know everything He does. Nor does he care - he just wants us to trust and listen to him!

 So I ask myself again: do I have any fears of the inevitable? Fears like death or big problems in life. My answer is yes. I do have those fears. But I also know who I can trust. 

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