Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Definition of Love, Do You Know What it is?!

Beckah Shae, Faith Hope and Love

Its funny, I was just talking to my son and daughter about the true meaning of love and how vital it is to know Gods unconditional love, that gives without expecting to get back.

 My daughter mentioned how I Corinthians 13 where it talks about the qualities of love. The chapter ends saying that there is FAITH, HOPE but that the  greatest is LOVE! When you reach out and touch God, you are touching something tangible. Though you can't see God, you are still touching his very presence and it is made of real qualities - those of love.

 Just like when you touch a needle you feel the sharpness of it, so also when you touch God you will find yourself feeling how faithful God is, how gentle he is, how kind and compassionate he is. You will see hope for your life and know that God has faith in you. And in all this you will feel how strong his love is for you - that he would even die to bring you to him.

 I hope you can feel God touching you through this song and the following  song below. In this song Beckah Shae is in God's presence and if you listen carefully, you can feel this too. :)


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